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Neighborhood of the Strelitzer Straße

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The Neighborhood

Even if it may sound overstating – the Strelitzer Strasse combines the best of all worlds in Berlin: It is a quiet and green lovely uphill street with a center view to one of Berlin’s most famous landmarks, the broadcast tower on Alexanderplatz. So living in the Strelitzer Strasse is very quiet and relaxing – while many of the hottest spots in Berlin are just a short walk away!

Some geography: While in Berlin the Charlottenburg area is nice but very conservative and the center of Mitte with the Potsdamer Platz and the Gendarmenmarkt is relatively empty at evenings – the area between Mitte and Prenzlauer Berg is where all the scenic hot spots are, where all new and edgy developments happen and where you can find the Brad Pitts and Wim Wenders’ of this world sitting at your neighbor table. And most of the new artists and galleries are here – because it’s the place to be.

Originally we planned to list at least all the hot spot restaurants – but there are too many – so we mention rather the hot streets and name a few hot spot examples:
In very close walking distance you reach the Invalidenstrasse, the Veteranenstrasse (Nola’s am Weinberg and W, Der Imbiss), then the very famous and sometimes a bit wild Kastanienallee, crossed by the Oderbergerstrasse with plenty of very young and edgy shops, restaurants and clubs.

In the other direction but very close as well you walk the Ackerstrasse (Locanda Pane) or Bergstrasse (Maxwell) to the Torstrasse which is another very scenic young and wild area with for example The Bandol sur Mer (one of Brad Pitt’s favorites).
So all in all you can live very quiet and relaxing in our Apartments and Minilofts in the Strelitzer Strasse – while you have all transport and daily facilities very close – and for some even more important: a year doesn’t have enough evenings for you to test all the hot spots and to track all the new developments. Therefore our place offers the best of all worlds in Berlin!